The Discovery of the Terran Universe

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access

The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise’s universe but never fully explored. — Google

The Death of Lorca

When writing for The Geek Initiative, I was the “official” review of the new Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery. I wrote a review for each episode, and when sources came out that Captain Lorca would meet his death, I was quite angry. It was the discovery of the  Terran universe.

Follow my reasoning here: Star Trek was always on the “right sight of things,” and here, we could tangibly feel that DISCO was about showing the dark side of the Federation, Starfleet and everything it implies.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

It was clear as day. So, Lorca fell entirely right in those lines. He would be the first anti-hero captain leaning more toward the villain role than the hero. He would be glorious, and in my own opinion, as high as Picard was a hero, would he be a villain.

The Original Summary

Star Trek: Discovery is an American web television series created for CBS All Access by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. Launched in 2017, it is the first scripted series developed specifically for that service.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 — CBS All Access

The seventh series in the Star Trek franchise, it was the first series in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005. Star Trek: Discovery begins roughly a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series, and follows the crew of the USS Discovery on various adventures.

 The Mirror Lorca

Instead, we find out that he is part of the parallel/mirror universe and leader of a quite racist creed ready to kill all aliens that would try and interbreed or join forces with others or humans alike.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

In that mirror universe, the humans were the “Klingons,” and the human empire quite horrifying with their means of torture with Georgiou as their Empress and a badass warrior.

Captain Lorca, obviously not captain at all. Quite far from sharing Starfleet’s values. He reveals himself as Georgiou’s ex, who fled the mirror universe. Michael Burnham was his lover and sadly died.

Lorca went as far as leaving his universe to get Starfleet’s first mutineer, Michael, to have her back at his side.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

She declined, no surprise there, but saved Georgiou from her falling Empire while Lorca fell into the blast to destroy any means from going back and forth between the two universes.

 So What Now?

Lorca gone, DISCO almost lost me at once. He was such a different character! Like Tilly and Stamets, Lorca stood out and inspired some strange respect through fear, but the crew still trusted him. He was that good.

Just a random question here: Can someone tell me why they hid his English accent?

Star Trek Discovery - Terran Universe
Star Trek Discovery – Terran Universe

It’s twice now that is happens with Star Trek. First Picard, who’s supposed to be French has an English accent and now another “American” captain whose actor’s British had to hide his accent. Just make him an Englishman!

Back to this article, I almost entirely gave up on the show because they had something so perfect and threw it away. However, at least Georgiou was back in a way.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

The admiral called her Captain Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou. The ship that perished during the war of the Binary Star—Star Trek Discovery‘s 2-hour premiere.

The Mirror Georgiou

Of course, Burnham is not fond of Georgiou because of her extreme ways and racism against other alien species. However, in my eyes, Michael has no right to despise Georgiou. She took her out of her time and universe and threw her in her own out of guilt.

Star Trek Discovery - Terran Universe
Star Trek Discovery – Terran Universe

Hatred is horrible in any way or form—extra-terrestrials or not. Nonetheless, abduction and forced to the Starfleet ways. All she wanted was to die in her world, and that is on Burnham, not Georgiou.

Burnham finds Georgiou untrustworthy, but resourceful, and she brought some of her mirror universes thinking into Starfleet. The fleet then shows to be darker than first thought.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

It is more realistic and less Utopian. One thing is for sure, Georgiou’s racism dissipates, and instead, she focuses on climbing up the Federation ladder. Smart. Who knows, maybe it’s just the beginning of the Discovery of the  Terran universe.

The Aftermath

The war is over; the Federation wins thanks first to Georgiou’s terrorist idea on blowing up Q’onoS all-together, even though it didn’t fall through. Instead, they decided to give the means to L’Rell—girl crush here on a female Klingon.

Star Trek Discovery - Terran Universe
Star Trek Discovery – Terran Universe

Also to Ash Tyler, who shared Voq’s mind as the Torchbearer of the dead. T’Kuvma’s ideal is of help to the Klingon’s homeworld, where L’Rell becomes the Chancellor.

Discovery‘s bridge’s crew gets decorated from Starfleet, and Burnham receives a pardon and no longer is she a mutineer. How sweet. Too sweet for my taste if you ask me.

Star Trek Discovery - CBS All Access
Star Trek Discovery – CBS All Access

However, when the crew is back on Discovery, with Captain Suru at the con. He is alongside Admiral Cornwell and discusses Lorca’s case. I thought to myself, “This is such a huge mistake!”

Then, we hear the music, the iconic music from a distant time, but not so far away. Then we can all read clear as day: NCC-1701. Maybe there is hope after all. It is the Discovery of the Terran universe.

The OCD Android,
Alexa Wayne

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