Alexa Wayne

I’m a Gothic Author in the Horror and the Sci-Fi genres. Welcome inside my mind!

Gothic Fiction: A genre in the horror field, which marries together horror and darkness. At times romance and death. Gothic fiction saw the light of the day in the 18th century.

The main characterization of the Gothic genre relies on a pseudomedieval settings. The genre can be find in movies or novels such as Event Horizon and
Interview With The Vampire.

My Story

When I was younger and being part of the theater and musical scene was my life, I discovered my passion. It was one my grandfather worked in, publication, having my story printed on paper. It didn’t mean I had to leave all I learned behind, only adapt it to my greatest passion.


I studied graphic design along with website creation and illustration art. Combining the visual and the performing art together opened a new part of my creativity, I didn’t know I had. Changes needed to take place, and so I turned to more courses to adapt.

Working in freelance and participating in the DC Comics Workshop allowed me to learn more creative and learn how to bring drawings to life with short scripts. Creating art is a passion but I also pursue studying to make sure I’m on top of what is coming next.

I learned the performing arts in all its wondrous forms and then the visual and its technicalities. For my author career, I had to relearn it to create my image and reflect who I am and what I’ve been.


While most say that women are all about romantic comedies and lighter reads I watched horror movies and read Gothic novels. I always enjoyed the night and what go bump in the darkest of places.

When writing my stories I share what I researched and studied. I try and write about what I can believe the world would be if certain monsters would be real. Horror and the Gothic genres are what guide my imagination.

Two new series are coming out soon, and I will share all the news with you. Horror is one thing that is part of our world and space.

The OCD Vampire, 😉
Alexa Wayne

“I absolutely adored this Gothic read.”

Kayla Krantz, Paranormal Author

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