Interviewing The Starship Captain of the LSS Slicer

Alexa Wayne’s Blog loves to interview everyone, including those walking straight out of an Epic Fictional novel such as, UNDER ANIMUS. Come meet with Captain Jason Caldwell.

Captain Caldwell is a human-alien just not from our world, or so he says. He is the captain of the LSS Slicer — RA 1332 starship. He rescued many people in his years at the head of the Slicer, including Åke Nyström and Frankenstein.

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The Lights of 1990 Over Montréal

It was in 1990 that everyone looked up to the sky in downtown Montreal to look at strange lights. UfOs?

A Little Recap

The lights of 1990 over Montréal was an unidentified flying object hovering over the French skies of Montréal in the province of Québec, Canada.

It was a moment where the city stood still and looked over the Place Bonaventure.

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Cheating Physics With The Warp Drive

There are many problems in our society that is killing our planet. One-day, humankind might have to move away. Will warp drive be our way into space?

The Warp Drive

Cheating physics with the warp drive!

The warp drive is a concept not unique to Star Trek as it is a genuine speculative alternative to faster than light speed.

Star Trek is the franchise that popularized the idea and had many children at the time, dreaming of being the one to make it real.

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Writing Science Fiction With A Vagina

Writing science fiction is quite different than writing any other genre due to the word science before fiction. Women, to this day, aren’t equivalent to brainiacs, yet Shelley is the mother.

Definition of Science Fiction

Writing science fiction with a vagina is harder than most people think because of the description and what it means. Also because of sexism and stereotypes.

Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction that has been called the “literature of ideas.”

It typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, time travel, parallel universes, fictional worlds, space exploration, and extraterrestrial life. – Wikipedia

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Origin of Fays

Fairies are more than what we see in cartoons. They are much older than we think and represents more than we think. Come and see.

When thinking about fairies, with are often leaning toward the little tiny female entities with charming laughs and small dragonfly type of wings. 

We think about Tinkerbell and her friends; others imagine them appearing like children. However, where do they come from, what are the origins of Fays?

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The Artist And The Bully

A year ago, I wrote an article about people that are toxic in life. It is hard to draw a line even when toxic. This is a part of my story.

Circles of Hell

WARNING: PTSD, OCD, Chronic Anxiety, Mature Language. Consider yourself warned.

I do not enjoy talking about myself or my life. I like to keep my privacy within the walls of my house and a quite tight circle of people. It is hard for me to accept what my life became and where I am heading.

With that said, and this is where it gets trickier for me. I do not believe in a “higher purpose” or that “everything happens for a reason.” I do not think we are born with a predestined path to follow.

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